All spam And carding tools

Hello Friends, Before i spoke about spamming and how can hackers hack your credit / debit card or your paypal account easily and today i will present to you all Spamming tools for free :-)

A mailer is an essential tool for spamming or it's a bulk mailer used to send many emails at the same time, actually mailers are scripts programmed using PHP and you must upload them into your web server or a hacked one, Also there are some Softwares which use SMTP server to Send mass mails Like 1st mass mailer 

  • Download 1st mass Mailer 
  • Download Script PHP Mailer #1
  • Download Script PHP Mailer #2
  • Download Script PHP Mailer #3
A Letter is The Mail Body it's like any email body designed using html and css, The best letter it's the private letter, i mean a letter was made by you ! so it will be an inbox letter.

I advice you to learn Html and design your own letter :-)

Scam Page
A scam page or a phishing page, it's just a fake page but Fully programmed, i mean it's a website ! full website script, includes the login page, the billing page and the credit card page.

Also, you need mail lists and hacked cpanels, those 2 last tools you can bring them using websites hacking.

                                       ( Here How to get a free Smtp Server )

hello Guys, Today i will Today i will teach you how to get free Smtp server without buying Anything ! Just follow this tutorial :-)
Smtp servers Used To sent E-mails, So it's like ftp, ssh server smtp server has a username, a host and a password and you can use it Using some applications like 1st mass mailer or Yassinox mailer
First of all go to Mandrill App Singup Page And Register A new Account. ( There is no need for email verification )

Now After Creating your mandrill Account, Click On "Get Smtp Credentials " And Write Your Account password.

So, here You will get your smtp server Host username, port and password, but it says for password you must generate a new api key, go to the bottom of page and click on "Add Api key" so the api key will be your Smtp server password !

After Generating Our New Api key ( our password ) Let's test The smtp server On 1st mass Mailer !

And Our E-mail has been Delivered Successfully !

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